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Thought-Process to Discover Knowledge

Welcome to nubtrek.

Books and other education websites provide "matter-of-fact" knowledge. Instead, nubtrek provides a thought-process to discover knowledge.

In each of the topic, the outline of the thought-process, for that topic, is provided for learners and educators.

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11th-12th Foundation

Complex Numbers

Welcome to the novel approach to understanding complex numbers: it completely changes the way complex numbers are thought-about and learned.

 •  Irrational numbers are numerical expressions, eg: `2+root(5)(3)`

 »  Complex numbers are numerical expressions too.

 •  Irrational numbers do not have a standard form. They are expressed as numerical expressions, with some having many terms. eg: `2+ root(2)(2)-3xx root(3)(5)`

 »  Similar to irrational numbers, the direct extension is to express complex numbers as numerical expressions. eg: `x^3=1` has `3` solutions, `(root(3)(1))_(1st)`, `(root(3)(1))_(2nd)`, `(root(3)(1))_(3rd)`

 »  But, Any complex number is given in a standard form `a+ib`, because of Euler Formula `re^(i theta)``= r(cos theta + i sin theta)`

How so? Go through the first few lessons to get the astoundingly new perspective of complex numbers.
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