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Thought-Process to Discover Knowledge

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Books and other education websites provide "matter-of-fact" knowledge. Instead, nubtrek provides a thought-process to discover knowledge.

In each of the topic, the outline of the thought-process, for that topic, is provided for learners and educators.

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Finding Cube Root : Factorization Method

In this page, finding cube root using prime factorization, is introduced in a simple thought process.

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What is the `root(3)(216)`?

  • `6`
  • `6`
  • `18`

The answer is "`6`".

Cube root is a form of root. In roots, we learned to perform prime factorization to find the root.

Finding Cube Roots : To find cube root of a number, express the number in prime factors and group the factors.

eg: `root(3)(1000)` `=root(3)(2xx2xx2xx5xx5xx5)` `=2xx5 =10`

Note: This method is suitable for finding cube roots resulting in integers.

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