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Thought-Process to Discover Knowledge

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Books and other education websites provide "matter-of-fact" knowledge. Instead, nubtrek provides a thought-process to discover knowledge.

In each of the topic, the outline of the thought-process, for that topic, is provided for learners and educators.

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This page provides a brief overview of factors of a number.

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When is a dividend "divisible" by a divisor?

  • when the remainder is not `0`
  • when the remainder is `0`
  • when the remainder is `0`
  • both the above

The answer is "when the remainder is `0`".

The divisors that divide, with remainder `0`, are called factors of the dividend.

eg: Factors of `6` are `1`, `2`, `3`, and `6`. Because the remainder is `0` for `6-:1`, `6-:2`, `6-:3` and `6-:6`

eg: Factors of `20` are `1`, `2`, `4`, `5`, `10`, and `20`

eg: Factors of `13` are `1` and `13`

Which of the following is a meaning for the word "factor"?

  • a part or component of something bigger
  • a part or component of something bigger
  • a thing that is known or proved to be true

The answer is "a part or component of something bigger".

What is the term used to refer to a number that divides another number without remainder?

  • Pronunciation : Say the answer once
    Spelling: Write the answer once

The answer is "factor of the number".

Factors of a number : The divisor that divides with remainder `0`, is a factor of the dividend.

the dividend, divisor are non-zero whole numbers.

What are the factors of `26`?

  • `1, 2, 13, 26`
  • `1, 2, 13, 26`
  • no factors

The answer is "`1, 2, 13, 26`"

What are the factors of `28`?

  • `1,2,14,28`
  • `1,2,4,7,14,28`
  • `1,2,4,7,14,28`

The answer is "`1,2,4,7,14,28`"

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