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Thought-Process to Discover Knowledge

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Precedence of Arithmetic Operations

In this page, the precedence order of arithmetic operations in a numerical expression is explained. That is, multiplication and division has higher precedence to addition and subtraction.

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Simplify `2+4xx3`.

 •  It is wrong to do `2+4xx3` `=6 xx 3` `= 18`
      Addition `2+4` is not to be performed first.

 •  `2+4xx3` `=2 + 12` `=14`
      Multiplication `4xx3` is performed first and then addition is performed.

Multiplication is higher in precedence to addition. In `2+4xx3`, the multiplication is to be simplified ahead of addition.

The word "precedence" means: priority over another; order to be observed.

In a numerical expression, the precedence order is:
 •  division and multiplication (both in the same level same level of precedence)
 •  addition and subtraction (both in the same level of precedence)

This is abbreviated as BODMAS (Division, Multiplication, Addition, Subtraction) or PEMDAS (Multiplication, Division, Addition, Subtraction).

The letters B O or P E are explained later

Solved Exercise Problem:

Simplify `1+ 6xx3`.

  • `21`
  • `19`
  • `19`

The answer is "`19`". Multiplication is higher in precedence over addition. so




Solved Exercise Problem:

Simplify `9-6-:3`

  • `7`
  • `7`
  • `1`

The answer is "`7`". Division is higher in precedence over subtraction. So




Solved Exercise Problem:

Simplify `3+ 6-:3`.

  • `3`
  • `5`
  • `5`

The answer is "`19`". Division is higher in precedence over addition. so




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